Blue Sfere

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Dubbele Bol


Paintings Oil on Canvas

Symona Colina - Visual Artist


Painting is somewhat like touching infinity with the tip of the brush.

The space on the canvas is created with geometrical and mathematical structures.

The space on the canvas has ‘Height’ and ‘Width’  defined by the size of the canvas.

My world is defined by ‘Height’ and ‘Width’ and ‘Depth’.

‘Depth’ is were I think and were I see.

Depth‘ is an arm’s lenth away…

Painting is somewhat like capturing infinity with the tip of the brush.

Parallels visually crossing in infinity define the limits, define the horizon.

Define the distance, the “depth”.

Infinity, the distance, lies an arm’s length away.

The rainbow of light goes its way about … crushing, carressing, capturing space. 

Like the wind going about crushing, caressing, capturing the space around me.

The parallels and the rainbow of light, being equivalent, defing the limits.

Space defined by these borders, is focused with oil on canvas.

Painting is somewhat like caressing infinity with the tip of the brush.

The mental chewing gum of time passing by.


A painting is like a…

“window in a blind wall”.

A world to see.

To see a world.

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