Blue Sfere

A Tre


Dubbele Bol


Symona Colina - Visual Artist

The EggScapes

are a free variation in ,on, over and about the Landscapes.


A world to see.


In an Egg-Scape one can wander about, like in a Land-Scape.

The Egg-Scapes represent a window in a blind wall.

A world of  height width and depth.


The Egg-Scapes started of with a point to follow a line.

A point in itself is a world of height width and depth.

A world to see.

N'Uovo - EggScape



An Egg is symbolical, philosophical, physiological, biological, mathematical…

An Egg has within any perspective a horizon in itself, in its shell.

In one word its “shellf”.


A world to see and to see a world.


An Egg has the prospective to be or not to become.

Often an egg breaks through to its prospective, to follow a line …


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