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Symona Colina - Visual Artist

Symona Colina


Symona Colina was born in Ridderkerk  the Netherlands in 1954.

and participated in a number of exhibitions in several countries;

the Netherlands, the United States, Italy, Spain, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Czech

Republic, France …


Symona Colina;

My work is like the wind

defined by Time and Space.

Driven by the wind the clouds play “Once upon a time” with the shadows.

That’s where the brushes touch the canvas.

Enclosed by the wind…

is where transparency lies ahead and time is left behind.

That is where I am in wonder.

Symona Colina,


Symona Colina creating a world to see,

To see a world.

A painting is like a  window in a blind wall.

A world to see and to see a world.

Balancing on the surface,

on the edge of Time.

is beholding infinity

on the tip of the brush.

Height width depth…


A world to see and to see a world.